Kimihiro Watanuki would be a ordinary high school boy only he has one extraordinary problem:  he is plagued by spirits.  He can not only see them, but they seem to flock to him inexplicably, often in large numbers.  Through a series of seemingly random events, Watanuki meets the mysterious Yuuko who claims to have the ability to cure him of his curse…for a price.  In exchange, Watanuki becomes an employee for the often eccentric Yuuko in her shop where nothing is ever what it seems. But wait! There’s more!


She’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s sassy, she drives Spike insane.  Who else could fit this description other than our beloved Faye? Even though she doesn’t know who she was, she knows what she wants.  Food and money.  And she will go to (almost) any length to get them.  From pretending to be a member of a cult to eating poisonous mushrooms, Faye has no reservations and slightly lower morals than the general population.  Using her charm, body, and various sexy garments, she lures her bounties in and then takes them away, or tries to anyways.  She can fire a pistol, pilot an aircraft, and steal your heart by dinner time! But wait! There’s more!

Yuuko Ichihara

What is it you desire? Yuuko can grant your wish…for a price.  Of course, if you did not need her to grant your wish, you wouldn’t even be here.  There is no such thing as coincidence.  But if you are feeling brave or you simply have nowhere else to turn or if it is your destiny…step inside her shop and let her grant your wish. But wait! There’s more!

Kaleido Star

Ever since she was young, Sora has dreamed of joining the Kaleido Stage, a world-renowned performing troupe. Traveling to America alone, Sora auditions for the cast and through a series of unexpected events, she is accepted into the group. The series follows Sora as she experiences the joys, sorrows, and hardships as she strives to be the greatest performer of all…the Kaleido Star. But wait! There’s more!

Gunslinger Girl

On the outside, the Social Welfare Agency is a government sponsored corporation that exists to save lives.  However, its true purpose is to handle the government’s dirty work.  Possessing cutting edge technology, the SWA gives otherwise terminal patients a second chance by implanting them with cybernetics, but conditions them to be efficient, emotionless killing machines.

Henrietta awakens at the agency having survived the brutal slaughter of her family with no memory of her past and a new cybernetic body.  Her handler, Jose is responsible for training her to be the perfect killing machine.  As Henrietta strives to please Jose and win his affection, Jose soon learns that Henrietta isn’t as easy to control as he thought she would be.  Realizing that she and her young comrades at the agency are more than just machines, Jose must find a way to balance the needs and desires between the assassin and the adolescent girl. But wait! There’s more!

Pumpkin Scissors

Three years after the end of the war between the Republic and the Empire, the country is in ruins. Soldiers have become bandits, the nobility squander what little is left, and the commoners suffer from sickness, poverty and starvation. State Section III, a.k.a Pumpkin Scissors, lead by 2nd Lt. Alice Malvin struggles to maintain peace and offer what little war relief they can. On an assignment in a remote war-ravaged village, Alice and the rest of her squadron meet Oland, a large yet seemingly gentle soldier from the Anti-tank 901 platoon. However, the ATT 901 was a platoon that was only supposed to be a rumor: tales of it’s almost indestructible soldiers having sold their souls in order to keep marching on through battle were only used to scare the enemy forces. Or were they? But wait! There’s more!

In the not-so-distant future the human race has reached a pinnacle in technology. So advanced have we become that the soul, known as a “ghost”, is the only thing that separates a human from an AI. It is the age of information where you can just plug your brain directly into the internet. Major Kusanagi Motoko and the rest of Section 9 exist to ensure that the law is upheld on the information highway and get drawn into a complex case surrounding a hacker and cyber-criminal known as the Laughing Man where not all is what it seems. But wait! There’s more!