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When she was a young girl, Utena Tenjou is saved by a dashing prince who bestows upon her a ring.  So impressed is she by the prince, rather than wanting to grow up to be his princess, Utena wants to grow up to be a prince like him.  Years later finds the teenage tomboy Utena at Ootori Academy where she meets the lovely Anthy Himemiya, a girl surrounded by mystery and in a seemingly unhappy relationship.  In order to rescue Anthy from the abusive boyfriend, Utena unwittingly becomes entangled in the duel for the Rose Bride where the prize is none other than Anthy Himemiya.  But wait! There’s more


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Shoujo Sect

Alright, today I’m taking a slight detour from “anime” and focusing on a yuri manga because let’s face it (and I’m sure all you drooling fanboys will agree), there isn’t nearly enough yuri anime.  So, today is my review of Shoujo Sect. But wait! There’s more

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I want to start with sort of the canon of all yuri.  But before I do, let me clear up a few things for those of you who are continuing to use the terms “yuri” and “shoujo-ai” interchangeably.  They are not the same thing but they are close.  You can say that “yuri” refers to explicit lesbian content while “shoujo-ai” is implicit.  Or, you can say that “yuri” is more about the physical relationship and “shoujo-ai” is more focused on the emotional relationship.  Either way, I’m sure you can appreciate the differences, however subtle they may be. But wait! There’s more

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