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She’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s sassy, she drives Spike insane.  Who else could fit this description other than our beloved Faye? Even though she doesn’t know who she was, she knows what she wants.  Food and money.  And she will go to (almost) any length to get them.  From pretending to be a member of a cult to eating poisonous mushrooms, Faye has no reservations and slightly lower morals than the general population.  Using her charm, body, and various sexy garments, she lures her bounties in and then takes them away, or tries to anyways.  She can fire a pistol, pilot an aircraft, and steal your heart by dinner time! But wait! There’s more!


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What is it you desire? Yuuko can grant your wish…for a price.  Of course, if you did not need her to grant your wish, you wouldn’t even be here.  There is no such thing as coincidence.  But if you are feeling brave or you simply have nowhere else to turn or if it is your destiny…step inside her shop and let her grant your wish. But wait! There’s more!

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Although Falis may not seem to be royal material, when she switches bodies with Princess Alita she seems to get the hang of it fairly quickly.  Falis not only has the power of her sword, which she uses very well, but now she possesses the power that comes with being royalty.  Watch out.  Despite her obvious preference to being covered with blood rather than perfume and her tendency to ruin every dress they royal maids put her in, Falis (or Princess Alita, rather) is quite the looker.  But if you want to keep all your appendages attached, you should just stick with looking at the Murder Princess. But wait! There’s more

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A new recruit to the Bokuto Police Precinct, Aoi is just like the girl next door.  Her sweet disposition and general cluelessness makes her one of my favorite anime characters.  She is more likely to bake you cookies than to actually arrest you.  Not to mention she’s quite easy on the eyes.  But wait! There’s more

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Riza Hawkeye

This blond-haired beauty is as formidable as she is gorgeous.  Even though she works for the state, she is not an alchemist but do not let that throw you.  She is pretty handy with a pistol.  Loyally devoted to Roy Mustang, she has more than once pulled his ass out of the fire (see what I did there?) and is most definitely head over heels but he, like most men, proves to be more than just a little clueless.  She is compassionate to our two young heroes while being stern at the same time.  Her innate ability to kick ass makes Riza Hawkeye the anime Girl of the Week.

Memorable Quotes:

Major, I’d just like to offer a bit of…feminine advice.  BABY’S AREN’T BORN AFTER JUST FIVE MONTHS!”

-“Relax, Sir.  I just saved your life.  Your flame attack doesn’t work in the rain.”

-“Inside me, the war isn’t over yet.  No…it will never end as long as I live.  It was my decision to trust you and pass my father’s research on to you.  I also made the decision to join the academy in the hopes of improving the lives of this country’s people.  As much as I regret what’s happened, I can’t escape the fact that it was my choices that brought me to this position.  I’m a killer and no amount of denial or repentance can absolve me of that.”

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