Kunisaki Yukito is a traveling (and starving) young puppet master with a unique show.  He travels from town to town armed with his cute doll to perform his shows while searching for a winged girl his mother said he was destined to meet.  During his journey he stops by a small town for a breather where he meets a bizarre girl named Misuzu.  Taken in by Misuzu’s quirky personality and generosity, Yukito decides to stay in town for a brief period of time to make some money, but what started as a short break turns into an extended stay as he realizes that Misuzu isn’t all she appears to be. But wait! There’s more


Katakura Kippei is a carefree high school playboy until he returns home one day to find his 5-year-old cousin, Yuzuyu waiting on his doorstep.  Abandoned by her widowed mother, Yuzuyu is left in the care of the Katakura family, and Kippei’s older sister decrees that until the day her mother returns, Kippei will be responsible for caring for his young cousin. But wait! There’s more

Falis/Princess Alita

Although Falis may not seem to be royal material, when she switches bodies with Princess Alita she seems to get the hang of it fairly quickly.  Falis not only has the power of her sword, which she uses very well, but now she possesses the power that comes with being royalty.  Watch out.  Despite her obvious preference to being covered with blood rather than perfume and her tendency to ruin every dress they royal maids put her in, Falis (or Princess Alita, rather) is quite the looker.  But if you want to keep all your appendages attached, you should just stick with looking at the Murder Princess. But wait! There’s more

Battle Athletes: Victory

In the year 4998 the biggest sporting event is the competition for the title of “Cosmo Beauty” and girls from around the world brutally compete for the chance to represent their respective training academies on the University Satellite.

Clumsy and slightly clueless 16-year-old Akari Kannzaki would love nothing more than to hide away from the world. Unfortunately for Akari, she is the daughter of Midoh Tomoe, the most famous Cosmo Beauty in history. Akari must somehow tap into her athletic abilities to overcome insurmountable odds and achieve victory. But wait! There’s more


Well, I have been completely wrapped up in Mass Effect 2 but now that I have that out of my system I’m ready to get back to work here. So, welcome back or rather, I am back and I have some more anime reviews to put up. I’m sure you are all very ecstatic. ^^

Aoi Futaba

A new recruit to the Bokuto Police Precinct, Aoi is just like the girl next door.  Her sweet disposition and general cluelessness makes her one of my favorite anime characters.  She is more likely to bake you cookies than to actually arrest you.  Not to mention she’s quite easy on the eyes.  But wait! There’s more

Boogiepop Phantom

Oh boy! I know I’m going to twist someone’s panties with this review, and that just makes me all giddy inside! Boogiepop Phantom is a popular series that has received mostly rave reviews.  This is not one of them.  It is difficult to even know where to start with Boogiepop, but I’ll try.  Five years ago, there is an outbreak of serial murders which suddenly stop followed by a bright light which leaves a rainbow-like aura over the city.  After that, children begin mysteriously disappearing.  The disappearances are attributed to the Boogiepop Phantom, something akin to the Angel of Death.  Not following? Don’t worry.  You’re not alone. But wait! There’s more