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On the outside, the Social Welfare Agency is a government sponsored corporation that exists to save lives.  However, its true purpose is to handle the government’s dirty work.  Possessing cutting edge technology, the SWA gives otherwise terminal patients a second chance by implanting them with cybernetics, but conditions them to be efficient, emotionless killing machines.

Henrietta awakens at the agency having survived the brutal slaughter of her family with no memory of her past and a new cybernetic body.  Her handler, Jose is responsible for training her to be the perfect killing machine.  As Henrietta strives to please Jose and win his affection, Jose soon learns that Henrietta isn’t as easy to control as he thought she would be.  Realizing that she and her young comrades at the agency are more than just machines, Jose must find a way to balance the needs and desires between the assassin and the adolescent girl. But wait! There’s more!


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