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Kimihiro Watanuki would be a ordinary high school boy only he has one extraordinary problem:  he is plagued by spirits.  He can not only see them, but they seem to flock to him inexplicably, often in large numbers.  Through a series of seemingly random events, Watanuki meets the mysterious Yuuko who claims to have the ability to cure him of his curse…for a price.  In exchange, Watanuki becomes an employee for the often eccentric Yuuko in her shop where nothing is ever what it seems. But wait! There’s more!


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What is it you desire? Yuuko can grant your wish…for a price.  Of course, if you did not need her to grant your wish, you wouldn’t even be here.  There is no such thing as coincidence.  But if you are feeling brave or you simply have nowhere else to turn or if it is your destiny…step inside her shop and let her grant your wish. But wait! There’s more!

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